The third annual Audiology Seminar!

For the third year in a row, doctoral students from the  Student Academy of Audiology organization at Northwestern University have joined us to conduct much-needed hearing screenings and audiology outreach within Trujillo. Four students at Northwestern are participating, as well as their professor, Dr. Jennifer Phelan.

This is a wonderful partnership, because hearing health is an issue that often goes unacknowledged for many Peruvians. We’ve had a great first week with these students, and we’re looking forward to an enjoyable and productive second (and final) week!

On Friday, the Audiology students worked to educate the public by presenting in an all-day seminar at the Universidad de Cesar Vallejo in which they discussed best practices for ear health and other hearing-related issues. The audience consisted mostly of doctors and Ear, Nose, and Throat specialists, so the information given will likely directly benefit those doctors’ patients! Panadex, a Peruvian hearing aid company, sponsored the event.

The students are also helping the community through working with children at local schools. Hearing screenings are rarely done in Perú, so many children would likely never get their hearing evaluated without the volunteers’ help. Some of the children were referred to doctors for more thorough evaluations, and we look forward to following up regarding those cases. Hopefully, these children will now be able to get the assistance they need to live happier lives thanks to these screenings. 

We are so grateful to the Student Academy of Audiology, Northwestern University, and to the students themselves for all of their hard work!

View their blog for a first person account of their experiences.  

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