Volunteer Programs

Volunteers are crucial to our work in Peru. Their time, energy, and commitment to the communities we serve make our long-term projects possible. We work closely with local community institutions, clubs, and organizations to identify the needs of the community and design together with them sustainable projects aimed toward having a long-term impact. Although they stay only 3-9 weeks at a time, volunteers fit into a long-term plan developed by local organizations and Vive Peru staff. In addition, a portion of the funds they fundraise for their trip go to support projects in the community that will continue long after they have left. Activities such as health education campaigns, medical campaigns, and English and music workshops wouldn't be possible without the time and dedication of our talented volunteers. Thank you for your interest in our programs, and we hope you decide to join us to contribute to a better life for the communities we serve. 

You are about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. We invite you to learn more about our individual programs by clicking on the links below!

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