English Language Enrichment Programs

Our English language enrichment programs allow Peruvian students at public schools the rare opportunity to interact with native speakers of the English language.  We partner with public schools in Trujillo to provide language classes for students and teachers alike.  

English language programs at many public schools in Trujillo are run by part-time teachers who split their time between several schools. In addition to not being able to commit their time and energy to one program, English teachers are often forced to work with very limited resources. Many times computers are not available, and in many cases students are unable to even listen to a recording of a native speaker of English, as schools are often unable to provide basic language learning tools such as a CD player to listen to recordings of dialogues in English or TVs and DVD players for students to watch videos in the target language.

Proficiency in the English language is an important skill for Peruvian students, as they are often asked to demonstrate their English skills on tests when interviewing for jobs after graduation. English proficiency is often used as a way to “weed out” lower income applicants who do not have the resources to study in a private English institute or study abroad. In addition, English skills make students more competitive professionals, as many of the texts citing the latest research or discoveries in fields such as health and engineering are often published in English. Some are never translated to Spanish, and others are translated only months or years afterwards.

It is often an once-in-a-lifetime experience for English students to interact with a native speaker, which they are now able to do thanks to our English teaching volunteers. Along with the financial support that we are able to provide our partner schools and institutions to buy new English teaching materials and resources, volunteers inspire their students to look beyond the borders of their classroom and expand their horizons. They get their students excited about learning a new language and offer them the much needed motivation and attention they need to succeed.

As of December 2013, we have brought English classes to 278 students at Colegio Antonio Torres Araujo in Trujillo.

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