After-School Enrichment Programs

In 2011, Vive Peru volunteers started working with the kids from Mercado El Progreso just on the outskirts of Trujillo at a couple of small workshops that provided them with a time to share fun moments and expose them to different and healthier alternatives after school. Kids were enthusiastic and eager to participate and get to know the volunteers, appreciating the time they were spending with them and the positive attention they were getting from a total stranger. During the health campaigns, kids looked for the volunteers they had already met to continue playing and working on activities such as drawing and making friendship bracelets.

This wonderful response motivated our team to design and plan more and better workshops for those kids. After talking to some mothers from the community we’ve decided to continue working towards a common goal: kids discovering and developing new capacities and talents through these workshops with Vive Peru volunteers, as well as spending moments of healthy fun they otherwise wouldn’t be able to get. We’re planning our workshops to be developed twice a week in the afternoons, when most of the kids are done with school and don’t have any adult supervision. These workshops will take place at the local “Vaso de Leche” house and we’re looking forward to finding a more suitable place in the future where kids can go to after school and feel motivated to keep learning and playing in a safe environment full of resources for them to freely experiment and discover new talents in themselves.

We are currently working year round in the communities of Mercado El Progreso and Señor de los Milagros.

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