Social Work

Social Work volunteers will be partnered with a social work institution working to serve and nurture the children of Peru, whether it is an orphanage or an after school program. Volunteers will have the opportunity to help take care of the children and lead them in enrichment activities. Depending on the institution, children range from the ages of 11 months all the way up to 18 years of age. Activities can include helping kids with homework, teaching them simple arts and craft projects, leading a workshop in self-esteem or teaching a simple English lesson. Information about specific project work sites will be given upon acceptance, and our US staff will work with you during orientation to help you design activities to lead at these institutions based on your individual talents and interests.

Vive Peru staff will meet with volunteers on a weekly basis to help them plan activities at the institutions where they are working and help them locate the materials they need to provide the children at these institutions with an enriching experience as well as to help volunteers be more effective at their work sites. Although Spanish proficiency is not required for participation in this program, a basic-intermediate level in Spanish is highly recommended, as most staff and children do not speak English.

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